3 Oct

So for our first entry I decided to make Ryan try my favorite of all breakfast burritos. The Breakfast Burrito from Ramiro’s.

It’s burro time.

Now, I was not in a hurry to get moving on this particular Sunday morning and took my sweet time getting ready but by the time we got to Ramiro’s Ryan was very VERY hungry.

“Woman why have you delayed my breakfast?!”

I made him take some pictures while he was waiting to help distract him from his hunger.

Yes these salsas are only for two people…why?
So. Excited.
YES! They’re ready!

FInally our burritos were ready! YAY! We took them to-go as I have a Ramiro’s ritual.

1. Get burrito.

2. Get Circle K thirstbuster of Diet Coke

3. Go home & enjoy both while watching TV.

Finally we returned home with our feast. Which also included Doritos since I was sucked in to the retro packaging at Circle K & Ryan just simply loves Cool Ranch Doritos.

A feast fit for a food obsessed 22 year old

Chow time.

Eager with anticipation
A look at the contents of le Breakfast Burrito

Here are our reviews:

The first bite.

Ryan: Solid Burrito, I would have it again but not my top choice in breakfast burritos. I prefer a BB with more eggs, more cheese, and less meat. Its a burrito full of flavor and ingredients but lacks satisfaction for me. My rating: If you are in the area, go for it.

The red salsa was good but the green salsa was the best (for the record)

Lauren: I love the fact that in this burrito the eggs are simply another ingrediant, they don’t overwhelm everything else, they simply compliment the rest of the components. Plenty of cheese, without being too much, delicious ham, onions, and some delicious salsa? yes please! My rating: A must. Will always be a favorite.

The aftermath:

Ryan is finished.
Lauren is done with this (and all these salsas)

Until next time!


R & L